Freelance or translation agency?

​Economic decision-making is all about choices. It is the choice of paths; of choosing from a set of factors and qualities which yields the best result. Not the best in an absolute sense, but for the specific, concrete situation at hand. It is this ability to think analytically which distinguishes a true leader from a mere executive. The classical definition of an economic decision is the rational distribution of limitedresources.

What resources do we have to consider when addressing the needs of translation? First of all, it is the financial cost, followed by quality, then the time allowed for the assignment, and the reliability of atranslator. In every actual situation difficulties crop up – maybe not global force majeure, but illness on the part of the translator, his irresponsibility, the impossibility of his presenting his work to the client on time. However, in spite of the apparent impossibility of foreseeing and avoiding all undesirable effects, simply letting matters take their course is unacceptable. But to increase the percentage of successful outcomes with experience is actually quite simple.

So, the task before us is to make the choice between two alternative solutions – assigning the translation to a single translator working alone through freelancer-websites, or collaborating with a professional translation agency.

The financial outlays will certainly be higher where a qualified agency is employed. But this is just one of the factors and elements of the total question. There is no doubt that the work of a master and professional costs more than the work of a beginning hack or the evening hobbyist specializing in some other field.

The quality of the finished work will in all probability be higher with a translation agency orbureau. It is more essential than ever to use their services when the work involves the execution oftechnical, documentary, and narrowly specialized translations. The advantage of a specialized translation company in any given case lies in the fact that their workforce may consist of tens or hundreds of specialists with translation experience in the most diverse areas, who can understand the difference between mills, crushers, and milling heads, depending on the context. The company simply hands the joboff to the specialist with the appropriate skill set.

The reliability of the translator means the elimination of the chance influence of personal circumstances on the work. If the unexpected happens to an employee of a translation agency and the completion of the job is threatened, the materials and the already completed work are simply handed offto another worker. The customer does not waste precious peace of mind trying to call up, knocking at the door, urging…. He simply gets timely completion of the work on a turn-key basis. It must not be forgotten that the company can be trusted to translate documents related to know-how; rest assured that they won’t surface a little later with the competitors or simply with the general internet public.

While the freelance translator works without a contract, which is certainly faster and perhaps more convenient, it deprives not only the translator himself, but you as well, of any guarantee. You and only you will bear responsibility for the results of inaccurate wording in a contract, which will doubleyour costs for it, or for the failure of a whole shipment to clear customs, for the failure to deliver finishedproducts on time, for the dissatisfaction of partners, for denial of a visa, etc.

The decision whether to work with a company offering translation services can be made once, and for many years. This guarantees quality, lack of ambiguity, and confidence. In the dynamic of the modern world you cannot ignore the time factor, and this is one more important resource which a professional translation company can save you.

Our company offers a wide complex of the translation-related services ensuring the perfect quality of translatable materials.

If you need a reliable partner in the world of translations, turn to us! We will not disappoint you!