Corporate translation

​Administrative functions in any enterprise may be both profitable and costly. The search for new clients holds the promise of immediate profits, as does retaining existing partners and keeping up their interest in cooperation. The development of new potential directions holds the promise of potential gains.But since there always are those types of activities which bring nothing but costs (ordering between offices, the search for advantageous suppliers, etc.), it makes sense to minimize these costs. It is possible to cut finance costs by agreeing on discounts with a long-term supplier. It is possible to arrange a joint settlement, mutually beneficial to both sides. It is possible to simply save time, getting products through the optimal ratio of “price to quality” with trusted and approved partners who are fully aware of the details of your orders and their specific particularities. You will not waste time on explanations, on corrections to contracts, or on extended letter writing and the exchange of kilometers of faxes.

On these principals the corporate linguistic service of a company is built – the completion ofcorporate translations. Once having chosen the appropriate translator from among the employees of the agency, you can be sure to get translations, completed by him, not having to clarify the particulars of your business every time to a new employee, and you will not be in doubt as to the quality of the anticipated work. You get a new translation with the use of previously applied terms, taking into account the preferred interlingual standards, in accordance with your recommendations.

Often, there are disputes as to who can better handle a technical translation: an experiencedtranslator who is not working in the specific field, or an industrial specialist within the given field who has a good level of knowledge of the language. Undoubtedly, each side has its supporters, but the “happy medium” continues to define the optimum – better that the translation be done by a professional translatorwho has already done some translations with the given subject matter, knows the essence of the process and the terminology, has taken into account all prior corrections and wishes of the client. Corporate translation is an economical and convenient alternative.

​Thus, in choosing corporate services in the field of translations for your company, you get:

  • a uniform corporate glossary;
  • the avoidance of ambiguity in key manufacturing and legal points;
  • a guarantee that the translation is at the required level;
  • a time savings by not having to explain the particularities of the work specific to your translationseach time to a new employee;
  • the expectation of a discount for larger orders, since the glossary is already developed, thetranslation memory for your company is already in the translation agency’s database, and corporate translations for your company are carried out much faster without loss of quality.


Price and quality, speed and convenience – you must agree that respecting these standards in carrying out your corporate translations is advisable, and you will receive quality translations for the long term, having spent time only once in setting up a corporate translation service.

If you need a reliable partner in the world of translations, turn to us! We will not disappoint you!