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​Localization. A beautiful and resonant word, meaning the translation of the textual maintenance software, the internet-site, and of any other information which has to be transferred wholesale into a new cultural context, not disrupting it and maintaining its beneficial effect. Localization involves the work of translators, advertising specialists, lawyers, programmers… Very many high-caliber specialists are employed in this mutual creative process. Why would you not limit it just to translation? There are many stories surrounding the naming of cars which […]

Correction, editing and proofreading

​Translation is not the final stage; before the text will be delivered to the customer there are still a few steps to finalize the text, which can be defined under the general term “editing”. A rough translation, a free translation, or a translation just off the page for a general understanding of the sense of the text is just a first step. Here, there isn’t so much significance placed […]

Corporate translation

​Administrative functions in any enterprise may be both profitable and costly. The search for new clients holds the promise of immediate profits, as does retaining existing partners and keeping up their interest in cooperation. The development of new potential directions holds the promise of potential gains.But since there always are those types of activities which bring nothing but costs (ordering between offices, the search for […]

The translation of a literary text

​The translation of a literary text is the most complicated of the types of written translation.Besides a perfect understanding of both languages, the gift of words, a feel for the language, the translator ought to have an artistic flair, the talent of a writer or a poet. Many literary greats began by translating the works of their predecessors from other cultures. Well-known […]

Consecutive oral interpretation

Translation, according to one of the basic classifications, is divided into written and oral, which itself is divided into simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. This classification is reflected in several world languages (translation and interpreting, переклад and тлумачения), emphasizing lexically that oral and written translation mean significantly differing processes of intellectual activity, which have totally different approaches. The cost of interpretation is evaluated on a time basis, […]