We offer quality translations for the majority of European languages. As we only work with professional and experienced linguists who translate texts into their mother tongue, we are able to ensure top quality translations that are both linguistically and culturally accurate.

In line with our quality procedure, each translation undergoes several stages – translation, editing, a spot/format check and, for documents that go to print, a post-DTP check. In the majority of cases, our translators are native speakers of the target language and reside in the region or country where the target text will be used. Without exception, editing is performed by linguists who are native speakers.

We use CAT tools to ensure the high quality of the texts. We usually work with Trados, which is the most widely used and respected translation program in the world. This program offers benefits such as the creation of translation memories, which save time and resources and guarantee terminology and style consistency. CAT tools also have the benefit of saving you money. We create a customer-specific translation memory and reduce the price you pay per word for any text that has already been translated by us in a previous translation.

As we can cover multiple language combinations, you save time by dealing with only one agency. We can handle all types of texts from birth certificates and websites to larger manuals and other documents – including documents that require an official sworn translator’s stamp.
The format of your text is not a problem as we work with various file formats (*.doc, *.xls, *.indd, *.ppt, *.xml, *.ttx, *.stl) and you will receive your translation in the agreed format.

We guarantee quality, accuracy and a professional attitude towards all jobs.

Please contact us for more detailed information about translation options.