Technical translation

​Technical translation is one of today’s most highly demanded branches of inter-lingualcooperation. The globalization of the world market reflects this, of course, especially in industry.Components of a future product may be produced in one country, assembled in another, under the trademark of a third country for sale in the territory of yet another country on the face of the earth.Assembling a lawnmower out of the parts for a children’s play pen is hardly likely, especially one that works; however, writing accurate and functional operating instructions or guides is just as indispensible for the production of ready-to-use products as for intermediate materials. Technical translation makes up the vital link in this chain, but, as everyone knows, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This is how the quality of the translation can determine the very quality of the finished product.

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​Not long ago in the East there appeared an invention known as “TeleScouter”, a small device consisting of a belt unit which analyzes speech and transliterates it, while the unit displays the text, which has just been translated on a server, onto the retina of the eye. This is the first step toward the realization of a fantastic idea, long known to science fiction enthusiasts. However, many such steps still lie ahead on the path toward the mechanization of the translation process.

The best that the world of cybernetics and linguistics has to offer right now is so called CAT-tools: computer-assisted translation tools. Before describing the essence of the tools of automatedtranslation (i.e., the so-called CAT-tools), it is worthwhile to examine the milestones along the path toward the merging of translator and computer.

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Freelance or translation agency?

​Economic decision-making is all about choices. It is the choice of paths; of choosing from a set of factors and qualities which yields the best result. Not the best in an absolute sense, but for the specific, concrete situation at hand. It is this ability to think analytically which distinguishes a true leader from a mere executive. The classical definition of an economic decision is the rational distribution of limitedresources.

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Translation of documents

​How often does the average person need to call on the services of a translator? Consider this: the average person does not work with foreign technologies, does not live abroad, does not attend international conferences, is not the author of books intended for publication in another country, and does not go out to dinner with citizens of other countries.

The answer to this question is: at least once a year. It happens especially at vacation time, as sometimes to go across borders you need to have documents translated: powers of attorney, birth certificates, or references.

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Translation of websites

​How far progress has come – although physical labor has not totally disappeared, its share in the industrially powerful developed states has been drastically reduced. In order to sell a product, it is not enough to give it uniquely useful characteristics. It is not enough to display it for view in stores. Trade on the wave of progress, like a surfer on the Australian coast, races in the wide open spaces of….the Internet.

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